GAR Memorial Foundation

The Gordon A. Rich Memorial Foundation was established in Gordon's memory to award college scholarships to exceptionally qualified high school students with demonstrated financial need whose parents or guardians work in the financial services industry. Gordon was a true "Renaissance Man" and the diversity of skills, passions and accomplishments which he achieved in his life serve as a benchmark by which GAR Scholars are evaluated.

Each year, the GAR Foundation hosts a dinner to honor Gordon Rich and the deserving Scholarship recipients.

GAR Scholars

The GAR Foundation is proud to extend their congratulation to our six most recent graduates: Jessy Garcia, Lucinda Krahl, Neil Mehta, Aaron Rios, Sadiki Saunders, and Leah Topper. It has been a pleasure getting to know them over the past 4 years and we wish them continued success!

The GAR Foundation is proud to announce our newly selected 2017 GAR scholars:

Sheryl Chen
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Company: Deutsch Bank
College: University of Pennsylvania

Danika Flemning
Hometown: Fresno, CA
Company: Platinum Home Mortgage
College: Arizona State University

Katherine Hsu
Hometown: Arcadia, CA
Company: MFUG Union Bank
College: University of Pennsylvania

Marc Johnson
Hometown: Western Springs, IL
Company: Ronin Capital LLC
College: University of Notre Dame

Kassandra Ogbodu
Hometown: Oak Park, IL
Company: Wealthquest
College: Northwestern University

Kemunto Okindo
Hometown: Elkton, MD
Company: JPMorgan
College: Duke University

Matthew Signorotti
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Company: Signorotti Insurance Services Inc.
College: University of California


The 2016 GAR scholars are:

Nathan Kabat
Hometown: Iowa City, IA
Company: TIAA-CREF
College: Benedictine College

Mariela Pichardo
Hometown: Middletown, NY
Company: Emigrant Bank
College: Brown University

Grace Wickerson
Hometown: Englewood, FL
Company: T&H Comptrollers
College: Rice University

Alec Jobbins
Hometown: South Lake Tahoe, CA
Company: LPL Financial Services
College: UC Berkeley

Madison Frank
Hometown: Altoona, PA
Company: Wells Fargo Advisors
College: University of Pittsburgh

William McMillian
Hometown: Kensington, MD
Company: AXA Advisors
College: Amherst College

Michael Gustafson
Hometown: Canton, GA
Company: Robert E. Gustafson & Assoc. LLC (Ameriprise Financial)
College: Georgia Institute of Technology


The 2015 GAR scholars are:

Michael Amoako
Hometown: Teaneck, NJ
Company: HSBC Securities
College: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Connor Chapkis
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Company: Raymond James Financial Services
College: University of Southern California

Lyndsey Franklin
Hometown: Lisle, IL
Company: Oakwood Wealth Advisors
College: University of Southern California

Sydney Marcus
Hometown: New York, NY
Company: Heron Financial
College: Northwestern University

Anne Robertson
Hometown: Sammamish, WA
Company: George W. Robertson CFP
College: University of California - Berkeley

Matthew Thomison
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Company: Hilliard Lyons
College: University of Kentucky

David Tong
Hometown: Allendale, NJ
Company: Goldman Sachs
College: Rutgers


The 2014 GAR scholars are:

Hunter Lawrence
Hometown: Canonsburg, PA
College: Carnegie Mellon University

Christian Cordova
Hometown: Houston, TX
College: University of Texas at Austin

Malavika Suresh
Hometown: Maple Grove, MN
College: Carleton College

Carsen Smith
Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
College: Vanderbilt University

Sean Trahan
Hometown: Columbia, SC
College: University of Pennsylvania

Benjamin Ellis
Hometown: Oak Ridge, NC
College: Georgetown University

Jordan Gormaly
Hometown: San Diego, CA
College: University of California, Davis

Courtney Barton
Hometown: Ovalo, TX
College: Abilene Christian University


The 2013 GAR scholars are:

Sofia Charania
Hometown: Chicago, IL
College: Princeton University

Andrew Chico
Hometown: Tallahassee, FL
College: Caltech

Rylan Edlin
Hometown: Spokane, WA
College: Stanford University

Devra Gelman
Hometown: Miami Beach, FL
College: Boston University

Julian Khaymovich
Hometown: Staten Island, NY
College: CUNY Macaulay Honors College

Michael Maley
Hometown: Arlington Heights, IL
College: Washington University

Matthew Wood
Hometown: San Diego, CA
College: Brown University



Alex Levin - Harvard University 2007
Cristina Fernandez - Harvard University 2009
John B. Valantassis - Haverford College 2009
Molly Alig - Barnard College 2010
Jianan Hu - Johns Hopkins University 2010
Derek C. Song - Duke University 2010
Eddie Baurer - George Washington University 2011
Alexander Dolgonos - University of Pennsylvania 2011
Margarita Levin - University of Pennsylvania 2011
Anjalee Verma - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2011
Christopher Brathewaite - Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2012
Jens E. Jorgenson - Wheaton College 2012
Jenna Kefeli - Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2012
Arianna S. Klein - State University of New York at Stony Brook 2012
Dina Montemarano - University of Notre Dame 2012
Avionna Baldwin - Duke University 2013
Sarah Brindle - Saint Joseph's University 2013
Douglas Chico - U.S. Naval Academy 2013
Courtney Colgan - Boston College 2013
Debbie Marian Yorpo de Lara - Loyola University of Chicago 2013
Kendra Moore - Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology 2013
Monica Devlin - Washington & Lee University 2014
Wilhemina Koomson - Princeton University 2014
Xinyi "Michelle" Lin - Harvard University 2014
Shelby Millar - Northwestern University 2014
Himalaya Mehta - University of Pennsylvania 2014
Anthony Palillo - Harvard University 2014
Sarah Alexander - University of Pennsylvania 2015
Rani Hadla - University of the Pacific 2015
Breanna M. Helland - University of South Dakota 2015
Joseph Laseter - Princeton University 2015
Sarah McMillian - Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2015
Han-wei Wu - Northwestern University 2015
Jessy Garcia - Cornell University 2016
Lucinda Krahl - University of Notre Dame 2016
Neil Mehta - University of Miami 2016
Aaron Rios - Stanford 2016
Sadiki Saunders - University of Pennsylvania 2016
Leah Topper - Rice University 2016

APPLICATION DEADLINE IS FEBRUARY 20, 2018. College scholarship money is available to offspring of those working in the financial services industry. Each GAR scholarship is worth up to $50,000 (approx. $12,500 per year) awarded to bright, hardworking high school seniors who have a financial need.
Please read the requirements and fill out an application form NOW. Application deadline is Feb 20th. The Gordon Rich Foundation provided $236,000 in college scholarships last year. The organization currently supports 27 students in colleges across the country and has 33 alumni. Any questions please email or call Joyce Gross at 516-428-6350. Hurry please do not miss out on this great opportunity!

The 2017 GAR dinner will be on Thursday, October 26th at Credit Suisse in NY, NY.

If you would like to contribute to GAR, either with an endowment pledge or a one-time gift, click here for the payment and pledge form. Or you can contact GAR at 516-428-6350.

In order to qualify for the GAR scholarship, parents and/or legal guardians of the student applying must have, or had, a career in the financial services industry. Click here for the definition of Financial Services and Master List of Companies.

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