The financial services industry typically includes companies such as commercial banks, investment banks, securities brokerage firms, insurance companies, fund and asset management companies, credit card and finance companies and similar businesses.

You can view the list of companies below which includes examples of companies in the financial services industry. This list is not meant to be exhaustive. If you feel that a company which is not on the list is in the financial services industry, please send an email to with the name, location, phone number, and description of the organization.

1st Discount Brokerage, Inc.
1st Global Capital Corp
3C-WC Partners, LLC
A.G. Edwards, Inc.
AB Wong Capital LLC
ACA Securities, Inc.
Adams Harkness, Inc.
Adirondack Electronic Markets LLC
Advanced Financial Solutions LLC
AFA Financial Group, LLC
Affina Brokerage Services LLC
Affinity Investment Services
AIG Equity Sales Corp.
Allen & Company LLC
Allen & Company of Florida
Allen C. Ewing & Co.
Alliance Capital Management L.P.
Allison-Williams Co.
Allstate Financial Services LLC
Amaranth Global Securities Inc.
American Capital Partners LLC
American Century Brokerage, Inc.
American Municipal Securities, Inc.
America's Growth Capital, LLC
Amerifirst Capital Corp.
Ameriprise Financial
Ameritas Investment Corp.
Ameritrade Holding Corporation
Anderson & Strudwick, Inc.
Andrew Garrett, Inc.
Aquarius Fund Distributors, Inc.
Arthurs, Lestrange & Company, Inc.
Asia Pacific Investors Services, Inc.
Associated Securities Corp.
Auerbach Grayson & Company, Inc.
Automated Trading Desk, LLC
Baker & Co., Inc.
Banc of America Investment Services, Inc.
Banc of America Securities LLC
Banc One Securities Corporation
Banca IMI Securites Corp.
Bank of America Corp.
Bank of NY Co.
Barclays Capital Inc.
Barnard Jacobs Mellet (USA) LLC
Barron Moore, Inc.
BBVA Securities of Puerto Rico, Inc.
Bentley-Lawrence Securities, Inc.
Berkshire Capital Securities LLC
Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC
Berthel Fisher & Co. Financial Services, Inc.
Black Point Partners, Inc.
Blackwatch Brokerage Inc.
Bloomberg Tradebook LLC
Blue Capital Securities, Inc.
Blue Marble Financial, LLC
BNP Paribas Brokerage Services Corp.
BNP Paribas Securities Corp.
BNY Brokerage Inc.
BNY Investment Center, Inc.
Boenning & Scattergood, Inc.
Bolton Financial Services, LLC
BondDesk Trading, LLC
Bovaro Partners, LLC
Brean Murray & Co., Inc.
Bridge Trading, a Reuters Company
Brimberg & Co.
Broker Dealer Financial Services Corp.
brokersXpress LLC
Brown Advisory Securities, LLC
Brown Brothers Harriman & Company
Brut, LLC
Bulltick, LLC
Burnham Securities Inc.
Butler, Wick & Co., Inc.
C.E. Unterberg, Towbin, LLC
C.L. King & Associates, Inc.
Cabrera Capital Markets, Inc.
Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc.
Calamos Financial Services, Inc.
California Plan of Church Finance, Inc.
Calyon Securities (USA) Inc.
Cambridge BN, Ltd.
Cameron, Murphy & Spangler, Inc.
Cantor Fitzgerald Partners
CapFinancial Partners, LLC
Capital Institutional Services, Inc.
Capital Investment Services, Inc.
Capital Professional Advisors
Cardinal Capital Management, Inc.
Carlyle Group
Carr Securities Corp.
Carret Securities LLC
Carty & Company, Inc.
Cascade Financial Management, Inc.
Casey Professional Services, LLC
Casimir Capital L.P.
Catalyst Financial LLC
Caymus Partners, LLC
Cazenove Incorporated
CDC Securities
Centennial Securities Company
Chapdelaine Corporate Securities & Co.
Charles Schwab Bank NA
Charles Schwab Corp.
Chase Investment Services Corp.
Chatsworth Securities LLC
Chelsea Financial Services
Chester Harris & Co., Inc.
Chittenden Securities, Inc.
Christopher Weil & Company, Inc.
Churchill Financial, LLC
CIBC World Markets Corp.
CIS Securities, Inc.
Citadel Investment Group, LLC
Citicorp Investment Services
Citigroup Global Markets Holdings Inc.
City Securities Corporation
Comerica Securities
CommerceBank Investment Service, Inc.
Commerzbank Capital Markets Corporation
Compass Point Research & Trading LLC
Computer Clearing Services, Inc.
Consolidated Research LLC
Constitution Capital Corp.
Cosse International Securities, Inc.
Craig-Hallum Capital Group, LLC
Credit Suisse
Crowell, Weedon & Co.
Crusader Securities, LLC
Cullen Investment Group, Ltd.
CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc.
Cutter and Company Brokerage, Inc.
D.A. Davidson & Co.
D.M. Kelly & Company
Dabbah Securities Corp.
Daiwa Securities America Inc.
DAV/Wetherly Financial, L.P.
Davenport & Company LLC
David Adams Capital Markets LLC
David Lerner Associates, Inc.
Davis A. Noyes & Company
Delano Group Securities, LLC
Delaware Distributors, LP
Deltec Asset Management LLC
Dempsey Financial Network, Inc.
Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.
Deutsche Bank TC Americas
Divine Capital Markets LLC
DKR Capital Securities Corp.
DnB NOR Markets, Inc.
Dominick & Dominick LLC
Dorn & Co., Inc
Dorsey & Company, Inc.
Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein Securities LLC
Driehaus Securities Corporation
du Pasquier & Co., Inc.
Duff & Phelps Securities Co.
E*Trade Brokerage Holdings, Inc.
E.H. Smith, Jacobs & Co., Inc.
Edgemont Capital Partners, L.P.
Edward Jones
Electronic Global Securities, Inc.
Eliason Financial Group, LLC
Eltekon Securities, LLC
Emerging Growth Equities, Ltd.
Emmett A. Larkin Company, Inc.
Empirical Research Partners, LLC
Equibase Capital Markets, LLC
Equilend LLC
Equitec Specialists, LLC
Ernst & Young Corporate Finance LLC
ESN North America, Inc.
Essex Financial Services, Inc.
Exane, Inc.
Execution, LLC
EZ Stocks, Inc.
FBT Investments, Inc.
Federated Securities Corp.
Feldstein Financial Group, LLC
Ferris, Baker, Watts, Incorporated
Fidelity Brokerage
Fimat USA, Inc.
Financial Counseling Corporation
Financial Northeastern Securities
Financorp Group International
First Albany Capital, Inc.
First Allied Securities, Inc.
First Analysis Securities Corporation
First Ballantyne, LLC
First Citizens Investor Services, Inc.
First Investors Corporation
First Southwest Company
First Washington Corporation
Fiserv Securities, Inc.
Fleet Securities, Inc.
FNY Management LLC
Folger Nolan Fleming Douglas Incorporated
FOLIOfn Investments, Inc.
Foresters Equity Services, Inc.
Fox-Pitt, Kelton Inc.
FPA Fund Distributors, Inc.
Frank Russell Securities, Inc.
Franklin/Templeton Distributors, Inc.
Fremont Capital, Inc.
Friedman, Billings, Ramsey & Co., Inc.
FTN Financial Securities Corp
G.C. Securities, LLC
Gabelli & Company, Inc.
Garban LLC
Gardner Financial Services, Inc.
Gardner Rich & Company
GBS Financial Corp.
GE Financial Services
GEB Financial Services Group, LLC
Gelber Securities, LLC
Georgeson Shareholders Securities Corporation
Girard Securities, Inc.
GIT Investment Services, Inc.
Globalvest Group, Inc.
GoldK Investment Services, Inc.
Granite Associates, Inc.
Grant Thornton Corporate Finance LLC
Great American Advisors, Inc.
Greenberg Financial Group, Inc.
Gunnallen Financial, Inc.
H&R Block Financial Advisors, Inc.
H.D. Vest Investment Services
Harold C. Brown & Co., LLC
Harris Associates Securities L.P.
Harris Nesbitt Corp.
Hartford Equity Sales Company, Inc.
Hartford Securities Distribution Company, Inc.
Hattier, Sanford & Reynoir LLP
Haverford Trust Securities, Inc.
Hazlett, Burt & Watson, Inc.
HBK Global Securities L.P.
HedgeWorld Markets USA, Inc.
Heflin & Co., LLC
Hefren-Tillotson, Inc.
Heidtke & Company, Inc.
Herndon Plant Oakley Ltd.
Hibernia Investments, LLC
Hornor, Townsend & Kent, Inc.
Howe Barnes Investments, Inc.
HSBC Brokerage (USA) Inc.
HSBC North America Holdings
HSBC Securities (USA) Inc.
Hunter Associates, Inc.
Huntington Securities, LLC
HVB Capital Markets, Inc.
IDB Capital Corp.
Incapital, LLC
Independent Research Group LLC
ING America Equities, Inc.
ING Financial Markets LLC
ING Investment Management Services LLC
Instinet Group, Inc.
Integrated Trading and Investments, Inc.
Intercontinental Asset Management Group, Ltd.
International Correspondent Trading, Inc.
InterSecurities, Inc.
Intrust Brokerage, Inc.
Inverness Securities, LLC
Investec (US) Incorporated
Investors Securities Services, Inc.
InvestPrivate, Inc.
Invex, Inc.
ITG Inc.
J. Streicher & Co., LLC
J.A. Glynn & Co.
J.J.B. Hilliard, W.L. Lyons, Inc.
J.N. Whipple, Inc.
J.P. Morgan Invest, LLC
J.P. Morgan Securities, Inc.
J.V. Delaney & Associates
J.W. Korth & Company
Janney Montgomery Scott LLC
Janus Distributors LLC
Jefferies Group, Inc.
Jefferson Pilot Securities Corporation
Johnston, Lemon & Co. Incorporated
JP Morgan Chase & Co
Kabrik Trading LLC
Kahn Brothers & Co., Inc.
KBC Financial Products USA, Inc.
Keating Investments, LLC
Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, Inc.
Kelmoore Investment Company
Kepley & Co., Incorporated
Kevin Hart Kornfield and Co., Inc.
Knight Capital Markets, LLC
Knight Equity Markets, L.P.
Koonce Securities, Inc.
LaBranche & Co. LLC
LaBranche Financial Services, Inc.
Ladenburg Thalmann & Co., Inc.
Lane Capital Markets, LLC
Lantern Investments, Inc.
Lazard Freres & Co., LLC
Legacy Securities Corp.
Legent Clearing Corp.
Legg Mason, Inc.
Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc.
Lepercq, de Neuflize/Tocqueville Securities, LP
Leumi Investment Services Inc.
Liability Solutions, Inc.
Lighthouse Financial Group, LLC
Liquidnet, Inc.
Loeb Partners Corporation
Lombard Securities Incorporated
Lord Abbett Distributor LLC
M Holdings Securities, Inc.
M&A Capital Advisers, LLC
M.R. Beal & Company
Macquarie Securities (USA) Inc.
Maine Securities Corporation
Mainsail Group LLC
Man Securities, Inc.
Managed Financial Broker Services, LLC
Maplewood Investment Advisors, Inc.
Maquire Investments, Inc.
Marsco Investment Corporation
Martin Nelson & Co., Inc.
McCourtney-Breckenridge & Co.
McDonald Investments, Inc.
McFadden, Farrell & Smith, L.P.
McMillion Securities, Inc.
McNally Financial Services Corporation
Mellin Securities, Inc.
Mellon Funds Distributor, L.P.
Melvin Securities, LLC
Mercadien Securities, LLC
Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
Mesirow Financial Holdings, Inc.
MetLife Securities, Inc.
MFS Fund Distributors, Inc.
Midwestern Securities Trading Company, LLC
Midwood Securities, Inc.
Milkie/Ferguson Investments, Inc.
Miller Tabak + Co., LLC
Miller Tabak Roberts Securities, LLC
MML Investor Services, Inc.
Moloney Securities Co., Inc.
Monex Securities, Inc.
Montauk Financial Group
MONY Securities Corporation
Moors & Cabot, Inc.
Morgan Keegan & Company, Inc.
Morgan Stanley
Morris Financial, Inc.
Munich American Securities Corporation
Murphy & Durieu
Mutual of America Securities Corporation
Nafinsa Securities, Inc.
NatCity Investments, Inc.
Natexis Bleichroeder, Inc.
National Australia Capital Markets, LLC
National Clearing Corp.
National Investor Services Corp.
Needham & Company, Inc.
Nestlerode & Co., Inc.
New England Securities Corporation
New York Global Securities, Inc.
Newtek Securities, LLC
NexTrend Securities, Inc.
NFP Securities, Inc.
Nollenberger Capital Partners, Inc.
Nomura Securities International, Inc.
Northern Trust Securities, Inc.
Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC
Nuveen Investments, LLC
NYFIX Clearing Corporation
NYFIX Transaction Services, Inc.
NYLIFE Distributors, LLC
O'Keefe Shaw & Co., Inc.
Olmsted & Mulhall, Inc.
Oppenheimer & Co., Inc.
Oppenheimer + Close, Inc.
Oppenheimer Funds Distributor, Inc.
optionsXpress, Inc.
Oriental Financial Services Corp.
P.J. Robb Variable Corp.
Pacific American Securities LLC
Pacific Crest Securities, Inc.
Pacific Select Distributors, Inc.
Park Avenue Securities, LLC
Parker/Hunter Incorporated
Partners Investment Network, Inc.
Pax Clearing Corporation
Pershing LLC
Peterson Investments, Inc.
Philadelphia Corporation for Investment Services
Piper Jaffray Companies
Place Trade Financial, Inc.
Planned Investment Co., Inc.
PNC Financial Services Group
PNC Investments LLC
Podesta & Co.
Portfolio Resources Group, Inc.
Prebon Financial Products, Inc.
Prime Capital Services
ProEquities, Inc.
Pro-Integrity Securities, Inc.
Prospect Financial Advisors, LLC
Prudential Equity Group, LLC
Prudential Retirement Brokerage Services, Inc.
Public Securities, Inc.
Putnam Investments
Putnam Lovell NBF Securities, Inc.
Pyxis Securities, LLC
Quandriserv Securities, Inc.
Quantum Leap Securities, LLC
Quick & Reilly, Inc.
Quincy Cass Associates, Inc.
Rabo Securities USA, Inc.
Raymond James Financial, Inc.
RBC Centura Securities, Inc.
RBC Dain Rauscher Corp.
RBS Greenwich Capital
RD Capital Group, Inc.
Redwine & Company, Inc.
Redwood Brokerage, LLC
Refco Securities, LLC
Register & Akers Investments, Inc.
Reich & Tang Distributors, Inc.
Resrv Partners, Inc.
Rhodes Securities, Inc.
Richards, Merrill & Peterson, Inc.
Rives, Leavell & Co., Inc.
Robeco USA, LLC
Robert W. Baird & Co., Inc.
Robinson & Robinson, Inc.
Robotti & Company, LLC
Rock Island Securities, Inc.
Rothschild Investment Corporation
Royce Fund Services, Inc.
Ruan Securities Corporation
Ryan Beck & Co., Inc.
Rydex Distributors, Inc.
S.C. Parker & Co., Inc.
Saber Capital Partners, LLC
SAFDIE Investment Services Corp.
Sage, Rutty & Co., Inc.
Sanders Morris Harris, Inc.
Saturna Brokerage Services, Inc.
Score Securities, Inc.
Scotia Capital (USA), Inc.
Scott & Stringfellow, Inc.
Scott-Macon Securities, Inc.
Scudder Investments
Seacoast Investor Services, Inc.
Securian Financial Services, Inc.
Securities Industry Management Corp.
Senvest International LLC
SG Cowen & Co., LLC
ShareBuilder Securities Corporation
Sidoti & Company, LLC
SIG Brokerage, LP
Signal Hill Capital Group, LLC
Signature Securities Group
Sky Capital, LLC
Smart Execution Securities, LLC
Smith Hayes Financial Services Corporation
Soleil Securities Corporation
Sontag Securities, LLC
Southlake Capital, LLC
Southport Partners L.P.
Sovereign Securities Corporation, LLC
Spelman & Co., Inc.
Spencer Clarke, LLC
Standard & Poor's Securities, Inc.
Stanford Group Company
State Street Global Markets, LLC
State Street Research & Management Company
Stephens, Inc.
Sterling Enterprises Group, Inc.
Sterling Financial Investment Group, Inc.
Sterne, Agee & Leach, Inc.
Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Inc.
Stillpoint Wealth Management, LLC
Stipek Securities, LLC
Strasbourger Pearson Tulcin Wolff, Inc.
Strategic Point Securities, LLC
Strong Investments, Inc.
Summit Brokerage Services, Inc.
SunGard Institutional Brokerage, Inc.
Suntrust Bank
SunTrust Capital Markets, Inc.
SVB Securities
Sweney Cartwright & Co.
Swiss American Securities, Inc.
SWS Group, Inc.
Syndicated Capital, Inc.
T. Rowe Price Investment Services, Inc.
T.S. Phillips Investments, Inc.
TCAdvisors Network, Inc.
TCM Capital, Inc.
TD Securities (USA), Inc.
TD Waterhouse Group, Inc.
TD Waterhouse Investor Services, Inc.
Terra Securities Corporation
Terwin Capital, LLC
The Advest Group, Inc.
The Bear Sterns Companies Inc.
The Capital Group Companies, Inc.
The Charles Schwab Corporation
The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
The Keystone Equities Group, L.P.
The O.N. Equity Sales Company
The Penn Investment Group, Inc.
The Strategic Alliance Corporation
The Strategic Financial Alliance, Inc.
The Williams Capital Group, LP
The Winchester Group, Inc.
The Ziegler Companies, Inc.
ThinkEquity Partners, LLC
Thomas Weisel Partners, LLC
Thomson Institutional Services, Inc.
Tower Square Securities, Inc.
TradingLab, Inc.
Tradition Asiel Securities, Inc.
Trillium Trading, LLC
Trubee, Collins & Co., Inc.
True North Financial Services, Inc.
Tullett Liberty Securities, Inc.
Turning Point Securities, LLC
Twenty-First Securities Corporation
UBS Financial Services, Inc.
UBS International, Inc.
UBS Securities, LLC
Unified Financial Securities, Inc.
United States TC of NY
UNX, Inc.
USAA Brokerage Services
USAllianz Securities, Inc.
Utendahl Capital Partners, LP
UVEST Financial Services Group, Inc.
Van Eck Capital, Inc.
Van Eck Securities Corporation
Vanguard Brokerage Services
Vanguard Capital
Vision Investment Services, Inc.
W.H. Reaves & Co., Inc.
W.R. Hambrecht & Co., LLC
Wachovia Capital Markets, LLC
Wachovia Corp.
Wachovia Securities, LLC
Walker Rose, Inc.
Wall Street Access
WallStreet Electronica, Inc.
Walnut Street Securities
WaMu Capital Corp.
Ward's Financial Services, Ltd.
Wayne Hummer Investments LLC
Wedbush Morgan Securities
Wells Fargo & Co
Wells Fargo Brokerage Services, LLC
Wells Fargo Institutional Securities, LLC
Wells Fargo Investments, LLC
Wells Fargo Securities, LLC
WestLB Securities, Inc.
Westminster Financial Securities, Inc.
Westminster Securities Corporation
Westport Resources Investment Services, Inc.
Westrock Advisors, Inc.
WFP Securities Corporation
White Mountain Capital
Whitehorne & Company, Ltd.
Wiley Bros. - Aintree Capital, LLC
William Blair & Company, LLC
William J. Mayer Securities, LLC
William O'Neil & Co., Inc.
Winebrenner Capital Partners, LLC
Woodmen Financial Services, Inc.
World Equity Group, Inc.
World Group Securities, Inc.
Wyoming Financial Securities, Inc.
XCU Capital Corporation, Inc.
Zions First National Bank
Ziv Investment Company
Zurich Capital Markets, Inc.
Zurich Holding Company of America, Inc.